Q: Why should I choose Summit Properties to manage my home?
A: SUMMiT Properties offers a unique blend of focus, quality, and experience that out-distances our competitors. SUMMiT has been providing high quality property management services since 1976. Theresa C. Hite, owner and CERTIFIED PROPERTY MANAGER® has 30 years experience managing residential properties. While most real estate firms offer residential property management services, these services are secondary to their primary focus – sales. At SUMMiT Properities our primary focus is property management. You can be sure that by choosing SUMMiT Properties that your valuable investment will receive the kind of personalized service and attention to detail that seems to have gone out of style. While other firms may make promises, SUMMiT truly delivers!

Q:Why should I choose a CERTIFIED PROPERTY MANAGER to manage my property?
Why should I choose SUMMiT Properties to manage my home?
Why should I choose a CERTIFIED PROPERTY MANAGER to manage my property?
A: The CERTIFIED PROPERTY MANAGER (CPM) designation is the premier real estate management designation for property and asset managers. By choosing a CPM you are ensured that the individual managing your valuable assets not only has the requisite knowledge and skills, but will also adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Q:What do I need to qualify for a rental?
A: The main qualification is a good credit record. You also must have household income of at least 3 times the monthly rent. All information you provide will be verified.

Q:How Do I Apply to Rent An Available Property?
A: Complete and submit a rental application along with the required documents and fee. You can download and print the application and instructions by clicking here: Rental Application (PDF Format)

Q:How long a lease do I have to sign?
A: Rentals agreements are month-to-month.

Q:Do you have rentals that allow animals?
A: Yes, with a 2 pet maximum. An additional deposit is required.

Q:Do you accept Section 8?
A: Yes, on certain homes and apartments.

Q:What are the qualifications for Section 8 approval?
A: In addition to having good credit, the applicant must have household income of 3 times the tenant’s portion of the rent plus $250 per month.

Q:Is the tenant responsible for wear and tear?
A: No. However, the tenant is responsible for any damage done to the property.

Q:Does the owner’s insurance policy cover my personal belongings?
A: No. You must have renters insurance to cover your personal belongings.